Classes and Workshops

Using Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book, we will learn the knitting basics and go on to learn all the
different techniques for knitting the afghan.  Please bring size 6, 7 or 8 needles & the "Learn to Knit Afghan" book
by Barbara Walker.   Yarn purchased here for class is 10% off.
Pick a new project to do  -- we have lots of ideas --- Baby Surprise, Ribwarmer, Felted Totes, Einstein
Jacket or any project you may need help with. We'll work on Crocheted Granny Squares too. Anyone who
wants to learn Socks on DPN's is welcome.
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Lunchtime on Tuesday Nov 21 - Jan 9; 1-2 pm; Cost: $50
             Jan 16 - March 6; 1-2 pm; Cost: $50
             March 13 - May 1; 1-2 pm; Cost: $50
             May 8 - June 26; 1-2 pm; Cost: $50
             July 3 - Aug 21; 1-2 pm; Cost: $50

Tues eves: Nov 14 - Jan 2; 7 - 8 pm; Cost: $50
Jan 9 - Feb 27; 7 - 8 pm; Cost: $50
March 6 - April 24; 7 - 8 pm; Cost:$50
May 1 - Jun 19; 7 - 8 pm; Cost: $50
June 26 - Aug 14 7 - 8 pm; Cost: $50

Fri Morn:  Nov 17 - Jan 12; 10 -11am Cost: $50
Jan 19 - March 9; 10 - 11 am Cost: $50
March 16 - May 4; 10 - 11 am Cost: $50
May 11 - June 29; 10 - 11 am Cost: $50
July 6 - Aug 24; 10 - 11 am Cost: $50

Sat morn:  Nov 11 - Dec 30; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
Jan 6 - March 3; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
March 10 - April 28; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
May 6 - Jun 24; 10 - 11 am; Cost: $50
July 7 - Aug 25; 10 -11 am; Cost: $50

Stranded textural colorwork combines basic stitch patterns, such as seed stitch, moss stitch, and box
stitch, with the vibrant possibilities offered by stranded colorwork.
It can be used to produce shimmering Bohus effects as well as
curated gradients in a variety of project types.  In this introductory
class, we will explore how one stitch pattern can change the look of
stranded colorwork in a dramatic hat project. We will also discuss
how different stitch patterns can be combined with alternative
approaches to color in order to demonstrate the potential that this
knitting method has to offer.
Yarn: 5 colors of fingering weight miniskeins.
Needles: US 2 [2.75 mm] 16" [40 cm] circular needles or 40"
[100 cm] circular needles or set of 5 double-pointed needles.  
Gauge: 36 sts = 4" [10 cm] in 2x2 ribbing.Brim Circumference:
20", not stretched.
Using Color A and Long Tail Cast On method, CO 180 sts.
Using Color A, work 4 rnds of 2x2 ribbing.
Using Color B, work 4 rnds of 2x2 ribbing.
Using Color C, work 4 rnds of 2x2 ribbing.
Using Color D, work 4 rnds of 2x2 ribbing.
Using Color E, work 4 rnds of 2x2 ribbing.
Dates: Sat., TBA; 1 pm - 4 pm  Cost: $45   
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Learn to knit Portuguese style where the yarn is tensioned through a knitting pin.  Portuguese knitting
requires less hand movement than English or Continental style.  We will make a swatch to learn how to knit
and purl Portuguese and our final project will be a slouchy hat. Materials: Approx. 200 yards worsted weight
yarn and appropriate needle, Portuguese knitting pin (we have them) and stitch markers.
Saturday, March 17 & 24; 1-3 pm  Cost: $45    Click here to sign up

We will knit a sweater form the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book
using Julie Weisenberger's videos demonstrating her Cocoknits
method of sweater knitting.
Supplies: Cocoknits Sweater Workshop
book, stitch markers, 1 skein of aran, chunky or bulky yarn to start,
Size 9-11 circs (40" or longer or 3 separate circs), smaller skinny
needle, scissors, tape measure, paper for note taking.  
Homework: gauge swatch, read through first couple of chapters
and Emma pattern
Dates:10/29 (video), 11/5, 11/12 (video), 11/19, 11/26
12/3 (video), 12/10, 12/17(video) Jan 7; 1 pm - 4 pm Cost:$60
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BUILDING IN LACE with Myra Rubin
In this class you will be learning new lace skills as you build a shawl (or for the
more adventurous you can do an afghan) with 9 panels of different lace stitches
and a 10th lesson will be about the applied borders for the shawl. Materials:
approx 1260-1370 yards of sport weight yarn, Building in Lace Book, completed
swatch gauge, US#6 needle or size to obtain gauge (32" lace needle
recommended), Size F Crochet hook for provisional cast on, Smooth, contrasting
colored waste yarn for cast on, 1 yard Cotton yarn for lifeline, removable
stitch markers, tapestry needle and  a skein of smooth, light colored worsted
weight yarn and appropriate needles for class practice swatch.
Dates: Oct 7, Oct 28, Nov 18, Dec 9, Jan 6, Jan 27, Feb 6, March 3,
March 24, April 7 1 pm - 3 pm  
Cost: $75 (all yarn purchased is at 10% discount)  
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CustomFit makes custom patterns for hand-knit sweaters. It takes your choices, your body, and your hand-
knit fabric and produces a pattern perfectly suited to you. Design and fit expertise are built-in, so you get
to make all the fun choices ("I want a long-sleeved scoop-neck!"), without worrying about the hard ones
("How much ease do I need in my waist?"). CustomFit builds a pattern that fits beautifully from hem to
neck, and everywhere in between.   It works like this: we take your measurements (just once), you knit a
swatch and choose your sweater elements (style, neckline, sleeve style, edgings, etc.). We put that
information into our special LYS CustomFit account and create a pattern that is perfect for you. Your
measurements are saved forever, so your second sweater is even easier!  Includes a  Knit to Flatter
overview, measurements, and good fabric. Bring back swatches on the second day and then we will design
your sweater and create your pattern.
Dates:  Saturday, Feb 3 & 17; 1pm - 3 pm Cost:$30
Thursday, Feb 8 & 15 ; 7-8:30 pm Cost: $30   
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Learn how to make a completely reversible cowl. Learn the basic brioche stitches, German twisted cast-on
or I-Cord cast-on and knitting brioche with 2 colors. Pattern includes I-Cord bind-off. Please bring at least
2 colors of worsted weight yarn,size 7 or 8 needles 24" length
Date: Sat., Feb 24 1 - 4 pm; Cost: $45 Click here to sign up

BRIOCHE 102  with Myra Rubin
Now that you know the basic brioche stitches, we will be learning how to do brioche increases and brioche
decrease to make all of those funky brioche patterns.
Date: Sat. March 10, 1- 4 pm; Cost: $45   Click here to sign up

We'll do one square a month -- lots of cable techniques.  Come in and see the first few squares done! 10%
off of all yarn used for project. Materials needed:  GAAA book, yarn, needles and cable needle.  We will
continue this class for the Fall and winter -- you can still join in. Click
HERE to sign upDates: Dec 16, Jan
20, Feb 24, March 17, April 7. May 19, June 16, July 14,Aug 18. Sept 22
Time: 2 pm - 4 pm  Cost: $50  
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Learn to knit & purl the "Continental" way.
Date: Saturday,Feb 10; 3 - 5 pm Cost: $30   Click here to sign up

For more info click here.  Questions:
call 609 914 0003 or email me