WEAVING ON A RIGID HEDDLE LOOM-Beginning with Dianne Snodgrass
Featuring the Knitters Loom, this class is suitable for all rigid heddle Looms. If you want to spend more
time weaving than warping, a rigid heddle loom is for you.  Learn how to warp this quick and easy way and
weave a beautiful plain- weave scarf. The class will also feature a demonstration of more complex weaves.
A Knitters Loom may be purchased at Woolbearers or bring your own loom
Date: Saturday, N
ov 11; 1 pm - 4 pm;  Cost: $55

WEAVING ON A RIGID HEDDLE LOOM-Intermediate with Dianne Snodgrass
Students will come to class with their looms pre-warped with two colors in a special sequence required for
the weaving.  Producing bars, checks, houndstooth and stripes will be explored. Students will weave with
two shuttles each with the same colors as warp making a gamp.  Instructor will contact each student with
warping directions a week before class.  Warp and weft must be of the same sized yarn.  Class limit:  4
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Date: Sat, Oct 28, 1 pm - 4 pm; Cost: $55

CLASPED WEFT SCARF or SHAWL with Judy Gelzinis Donovan
Learn to weave a complicated-looking, but EASY technique on your rigid heddle loom that creates a stunning
&artistic-looking scarf or shawl.
This technique requires two yarns—one plain and the other a
variegated yarn. Plain yarn used for warp and weft; the
variegated is used as the alternate weft that creates the
pattern.  Yarns should be of similar weights and can be
anywhere from fingering to chunky.
Your yarn choice for warp will be determined by the size of
heddle you have for your loom. (Fingering, sock & sport weight
yarns need a 12-dent reed; DK weight needs a 10-dent reed;
Worsted needs an 8 dent reed). Shawl in the picture used
worsted weight yarn.  Students should select their warp and
weft yarns in advance.  Warp yarns should be plied yarns (not
singles).  Weft can be the same yarn as the warp yarn for the
“solid” parts and another variegated yarn can be used for the
multicolored parts.  Project will be finished at home.  Instructor will send warping instructions for each
type of yarn selected for those wanting to do the warping at home. Students should contact the instructor
with questions they may have about yarns that can be used. NOTE: Shawl is 18” wide; Scarf is 9”, so
choose project  based on the size of  your loom.
Skill Level:  Experienced beginner.  Students must have woven at least one project on their loom
Date: Sunday, Sept 24, noon - 4pm  Cost: $60   Click HERE to sign up

Weave a beautiful woven lace scarf or shawl using
your rigid heddle loom.  Students will learn how to
weave Brooks Bouquet, an easy hand-manipulated
stitch on the loom, which creates lace fabric and
weaves up quickly.  Perfect for holiday gifts.
Any weight yarn or any fibercan be used for this
project as long as you have the correct size
heddle for your loom.  (Fingering, sock & sport
weight yarns need a 12-dent reed; DK weight
needs a 10-dent reed; Worsted needs an 8 dent
reed; Bulky needs a 6 dent reed).
Plied yarns—not singles--are recommended, since they are strong enough for both warp and weft.  Scarf
can be anywhere from 8 to 12 inches (depending on the size of your loom); A shawl will require a minimum
15” wide or larger rigid heddle.
Skill Level:  Experienced beginner (students must have woven at least one project on their rigid heddle).
Students will warp their looms and begin weaving the pattern in class.  Finishing will be done at home.
Date: Sunday Oct 15, 1-4 pm Cost: $55   Click HERE to sign up
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